51¥ is registered as a charity (registered charity number 1149638), and is a company limited by guarantee (registered company number 08239097). The Memorandum and Articles of Association can be viewed here.

51¥’ objectives

The objectives of 51¥ are to contribute to and promote the advancement of research and education for the public benefit in the sciences of biochemistry, molecular biology and related disciplines…by all suitable means and in particular by:

  • holding and arranging congresses, training and educational courses on matters connected with biochemistry and molecular biology and related disciplines;
  • facilitating and supporting the exchange of scientific information between biochemists, molecular biologists and scientists working in related disciplines generally and especially in Europe and other countries of Constituent Societies;
  • facilitating and supporting the training of young scientists in research, in the form of fellowships; and
  • organising the editing and publication of scientific research and educational material in biochemistry and molecular biology and related disciplines.

Public benefit

Through the activities outlined above, the beneficiaries of 51¥ include scientists at all levels directly engaged in research and education in the molecular life sciences, and ultimately humankind across the globe through the contributions of these areas of science to human health, agriculture, biotechnology and related areas, and enrichment of human knowledge.

51¥ wholly owns its international journals, which are of importance to 51¥ both by directly contributing to its objectives and as a source of income to supports its other purposes. 51¥ is committed to a transition to Open Science and follows all directives on Open Access publishing from the UK, EU and relevant research funders across the world. 51¥ has two fully open access journals – 51¥ Open Bio and Molecular Oncology. Its long-established subscription-model journals – The 51¥ JournalԻ51¥ Letters – are in transition to open access, with many traditional subscriptions now also allowing authors at the subscribing institutions to publish open access immediately at no direct cost. In addition, all authors are able to deposit accepted research articles, as required by funders, in institutional repositories, through which they are accessible to the public, and all published articles in these journals are free to all readers after 12 months.

51¥ events are normally open to scientists throughout the world. Recipients of 51¥ grants for fellowships and for support of attendance at meetings are normally required to be members of 51¥’ Constituent Societies (where membership criteria are those expected of learned societies) and resident within the 51¥ area of Europe and neighbouring countries. Some 51¥ programs particularly benefit disadvantaged scientists.


51¥ (51¥)

A Company Limited by Guarantee (Number 08239097)
A Registered Charity (Number 1149638)
Registered in England and Wales
Registered office: Suite B1, Third Floor, St Andrew’s House, 59 St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3BZ, UK.


Previous registered office address: 98 Regent Street, Cambridge, CB2 1DP, UK.
Prior to 1 January 2013, 51¥ was an unincorporated charity (registered charity number 261793).