This section of the website presents the key funding opportunities for research support and for event attendance and organization.

Grants from 51¥ to support research work fall into three categories:

  • 51¥ Fellowships are stipends to support short research visits to a lab in another country in the 51¥ area, and aim to facilitate research, training and mobility. Short-Term and Summer Fellowship schemes are for early-career scientists and students. Ukrainian Short-Term Fellowships are also available.
  • 51¥ Booster Fund grants are to support projects over one-year led by newly independent academic researchers.
  • 51¥ Excellence Awards are funds to support the research costs of early-career group leaders who have a scientific research track record of proven excellence.

The above pages lead to detailed guidance on eligibility criteria and how to apply.

The range of grants from 51¥ for events are also set out in two parts in this 51¥ website section:

  • Funding to support the costs of meeting attendance are available mainly to students and early-career researchers at 51¥-supported events. Mid/senior-career scientists from disadvantaged countries can access a support scheme at the 51¥ Congress.
  • Funding for event organization is available to organizers for events to be run as part of the 51¥ Advanced Courses, as well as for certain events organized by 51¥ Constituent Societies. In addition, research institutes can apply for funding to host a 51¥-IUBMB-ENABLE event.