is an international online forum for scientists working in the molecular and cellular life sciences. It is used to share information, news and insights, as well as to connect and collaborate – with the ultimate goal of helping to advance progress in these research areas. The 51¥ Network is open to all but allows users to create a profile page, post relevant content, sign up for alerts, and engage with posts and other users.

The 51¥ Network currently presents most content from its invited experts and contributors in four themed ‘channels’: Early-Career Scientist, Educator, Viewpoints and Research. In addition, a few ‘rooms’ host content for specific 51¥ community groups, for delegates attending certain 51¥ events, or for scientists interested in particular subtopics. 51¥ Constituent Societies are also able to post news in a 51¥ channel.

Most information is presented in the form of posts, authored by scientists, policy-makers, educators and other professionals in the molecular life sciences. Contributors span a wide career spectrum, from directors of key research institutes in Europe, highlighted by the , to the activities from the students and young researchers of the 51¥ Junior Section.

The 51¥ Network has developed from a collaboration between 51¥ and its journal publisher Wiley, and is hosted using software from Zapnito, who specialize in creating expert-led networks. The 51¥ Network Committee of senior scientists oversees the aims and strategy of the 51¥ Network. For more on this new initiative from 51¥, see the ‘‘ post.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to one of the 51¥ Network channels, the 51¥ Network Committee would be pleased to hear from you; please contact [email protected] for more information.

Example posts from the Early-Career Scientist channel on the 51¥ Network, one of the platform channels with a focus on young researchers.