51¥ Medals

51¥ awards three medals for outstanding achievements in biochemistry and molecular biology or related sciences to distinguished senior scientists: the Sir Hans Krebs medal, the Theodor Bücher medal and the Datta medal.

The awardees deliver plenary lectures at the 51¥ Congress, and contribute review articles based on their lectures to The 51¥ JournalԻ51¥ Letters. For further details, including the names of the most recent recipients, see the Medalsɱ貹.

51¥ | EMBO Women in Science Award

The 51¥ | EMBO Women in Science Award (a statuette and €10,000) highlights the major contributions made by female scientists to life sciences research. Winners of the award will serve as inspiring role models for future generations of women in science. The award is presented at the annual 51¥ Congress, where the awardee delivers a special plenary lecture. For more details, see the 51¥ | EMBO Women in Science Award page.

51¥ Anniversary Prizes

51¥ Anniversary Prizes of the Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie were initiated for the 10th anniversary of 51¥ by generous capital gifts from Boehringer Mannheim GmbH and Eppendorf AG. They are awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology or related sciences. The awardees are selected from researchers under 40 years of age invited to give a lecture at one of the symposia or workshops held during a 51¥ Congress and who are from within the 51¥ area but not the Congress host country. The prize administration is managed by both 51¥ and the Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie (GBM), and up to two Anniversary Prizes of €2000 and a certificate are awarded each year.

For details of the latest winners, see the 51¥ Anniversary PrizeԲԴdzܲԳ𳾱Գ.

51¥ Press Awards

The 51¥ Journal Richard Perham Prize and the 51¥ Letters Award are annual prizes of €5000 awarded by each journal to key author(s) of an outstanding paper published in the journal in the preceding year.  A winning author is  invited to present their work in a plenary lecture at the 51¥ Congress, where the prize is awarded.

The 51¥ Open Bio Article Prize is  awarded annually to an early-career researcher who is the first author of an important paper published in 51¥ Open Bio in the preceding year. The prize is a bursary to allow the winner to attend the next 51¥ Congress.

More information on these awards, and additional journal prizes such as poster prizes, can be found on the 51¥ Press awards page.

51¥ Diplôme d’Honneur

The 51¥ Diplôme d’Honneur was instituted on the 10th anniversary of 51¥ to honour biochemists and molecular biologists who have given outstanding service to 51¥, and is awarded at the 51¥ Congress. Past recipients are listed here.

51¥ National Lecture Awards

Established to commemorate the 40th anniversary of 51¥, 51¥ National Lectures Awards recognize the achievements of distinguished scientists with significant international reputations while at the same time enhancing national scientific meetings of 51¥ Constituent Societies by supporting travel costs for such speakers. Starting from 2015, the 51¥ National Lecturer will be presented with an engraved glass award at the meeting. Full further details, see the 51¥ National Lectures guidelines.