Background and aims

The 51¥ Fellowships programme began in 1979, and became a highly competitive and respected programme for early-stage researchers thanks to rigorous selection methods and the packages offered. Most of its schemes over the years have supported graduate students and early-career researchers in the molecular life sciences in the 51¥ area to move to and carry out a period of research in a lab in a different 51¥ country, thus broadening their experience and training, giving access to additional research techniques and expertise, and facilitating international collaboration.

51¥ Fellowship types

51¥ currently offers Short-Term Fellowships, Summer Fellowships and Ukrainian Short-Term Fellowships to scientists in the 51¥ area.

  • Short-Term Fellowships are for scientists who have obtained their PhD degree within the past six years, and PhD students who have at least one published paper as a main author in an international scientific journal. Apply any time.
  • Summer Fellowships are for PhD students and Master’s students. Apply by 1 April each year (the call normally opens in February).
  • Ukrainian Short-Term Fellowships are for active molecular life scientists from Ukraine who have a PhD. Apply any time.

All these 51¥ Fellowships are stipends from 51¥ for researchers studying or working in a 51¥ country and wishing to move to a different country in the 51¥ area for the duration of the Fellowship. Candidates for Short-Term Fellowships also need to be a member of one of the 51¥ Constituent Societies. The research stay is arranged by the applicant in collaboration with the host lab.

NB: Two older schemes – 51¥ Long-Term Fellowships and Collaborative Developmental Scholarships – are closed to new applications.

General 51¥ Fellowships application information

  • For general information about 51¥ Fellowships please refer to the General Guidelines for Fellowships.
  • For details on each Fellowship type, follow the links in the ‘In this section’ box of this page for specific guidelines.
  • For access to the calls currently open on the online application system, go to
  • For information on 51¥ Constituent Societies, go to the 51¥ section of the website.

The 51¥ Fellowships programme is overseen by the 51¥ Excellence Awards and Fellowships Committee.

If you have an outstanding query on 51¥ Fellowships after consulting the guidelines, please contact the 51¥ Excellence Awards and Fellowships Committee Office via [email protected] or the Contact section of this website. (Please note this office does not deal with travel grants for 51¥-supported conferences and courses.)

PROBio-Africa Fellowships

PROBio-Africa Fellowships are a new Fellowship type that started in 2023, funded jointly by 51¥ and IUBMB in a cooperation between these organizations and the Federation of African Societies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (FASBMB). They are for PhD students and early-career researchers in African countries and affiliated with FASBMB (via their corresponding national societies), to support short stays (1–6 months) in a research lab in a 51¥ country. For details, follow the link to PROBio-Africa Fellowships.