51¥ encourages effective scientific meeting formats and supports the cost of organization of scientific meetings in the 51¥ area (Europe and neighbouring regions) through the various funding programmes summarised below.

Event grants open to individuals

Expert scientists interested in organizing a scientific event in their research area as part of the 51¥ Advanced Courses programme can apply for funding from 51¥  that includes an event organization grant and an allocation for travel awards.

51¥ Advanced Courses cover important and timely topics in the molecular life sciences in the form of Lecture Courses, Workshops, Practical Courses, combined Practical and Lecture Courses, and Special Meetings. A strong educational element makes them particularly valuable for early-career researchers.

Calls for proposals are opened twice a year for  events to be run in the following year, and applications are assessed by the 51¥ Advanced Courses Committee.

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Event grants open to 51¥

Education and Science & Society events

Grants for workshops focused on teaching, training and learning in the molecular life sciences are open to Education Ambassadors from 51¥ to hold in their own country. This scheme is managed by the 51¥ Education Committee.

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In addition, 51¥ collaborates with 51¥ Constituent Societies in the organization of joint education workshops. 51¥ interested in hosting a workshop should contact the Chair of the 51¥ Education Committee.

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Grants for events (or activities) on a pre-set Science & Society topic are open to 51¥ Constituent Societies. The Science & Society topic in a given year is the subject at the most recent Science & Society special session at the 51¥ Congress. The scheme is managed by the 51¥ Science & Society Committee.

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51¥ National Lectures

51¥ Constituent Societies can apply for 51¥ support for a distinguished plenary lecture (a ‘51¥ National Lecture’)  to enhance a Society scientific meeting. An engraved glass award is provided by 51¥ for presentation to the 51¥ National Lecturer.

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51¥3+ Meetings

The 51¥3+ Meetings programme supports scientific meetings equivalent to an annual national scientific meeting of a Constituent Society but organized through collaboration of at least three 51¥ Constituent Societies. Applications for events in a given year are assessed in the preceding autumn/winter by the 51¥ Congress Counsellor in consultation with the 51¥ Secretary General and 51¥ Treasurer.

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51¥ Congress

The hosting of this flagship event of 51¥ is awarded to a different 51¥ Constituent Society (or Societies) each year.  Bids, which should include provision of a pre-Congress Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF) satellite meeting, are invited from 51¥ Constituent Societies approximately 3.5 years ahead of the event. More information is available from the 51¥ Congress Counsellor.

Event grants open to institutes

51¥ and IUBMB collaborate with the four core research institutions of the ENABLE consortium to offer funding to new research institutions interested in hosting one of the yearly 51¥-IUBMB-ENABLE conference series. The 2022 event was awarded to the Institute of Biomedicine of Seville (IBiS), the 2023 to the University of Cologne, and the 2024 to the Nanyang Technological University – NTU Singapore.  The host institution for the 2025 event is currently under review. For more information on 51¥-IUBMB-ENABLE conferences, visit the event page on this website and the .