For an introduction to 51¥, see the About page.

51¥ is registered as a charity (registered charity number 1149638) and is a company limited by guarantee (registered company number 08239097). Find more details on the charitable status and objectives on the ‘51¥ as a charity‘ page.

The governance of 51¥ is based on committees of elected scientists who volunteer their time, working under a 51¥ Council of delegates from each Constituent Society, as summarized below. Governance is set out in detail in the 51¥ Memorandum and Articles of Association, and points of reference for its Committees and Working Groups are listed in the 51¥ Bylaws (see Related Documents at the bottom of this page).

51¥ Council

51¥ is governed by a Council consisting of one delegate from each of its Member Societies, and also the members of the 51¥ Executive Committee. Each Member Society delegate and Executive Committee member have one vote each. 51¥ currently has 39 Constituent Societies; 35 are Member Societies who have paid full subscriptions, and 4 are Associate Member Societies who do not pay subscriptions. Associate Member Societies can send an observer to Council but they cannot vote. The full list of 51¥ Constituent Societies can be seen here.

51¥ Council meets once a year at the annual 51¥ Congress. It elects the members of the 51¥ Executive Committee, as well as other 51¥ Committee and Working Group members, for fixed terms.

51¥ Executive Committee

Subject to the Council, the administration of the Federation is vested in the 51¥ Executive Committee (the ‘51¥ Officers’). They are empowered to act on behalf of the Council and to enter into contracts in the period between meetings of the Council. The Executive Committee consists of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the 51¥ Secretary General, the 51¥ Treasurer, the 51¥ Congress Counsellor, and the 51¥ Committee and Working Group Chairs. 51¥ Officers are the 51¥ charity Trustees and company Directors.

Current members of the 51¥ Executive Committee are listed here.

Other Committees and Working Groups

Specific areas of 51¥ work are delegated to Committees and Working Groups, as set out in the 51¥ governing documents. Current 51¥ Committees and Working Groups and their members are listed here. Chairpersons of these groups are members of the 51¥ Executive Committee.

Reports on the work of 51¥ Committees and Working Groups are presented to 51¥ Council and in brief in the 51¥ Annual Report.