The 51¥ Education Committee has the mission of promoting biochemistry and molecular biology education and training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. To realize this objective:

1. We provide leadership in training activities to increase the knowledge and skills of educators
2. We support and encourage the development of innovative teaching methods and educational resources
3. We organize activities and workshops designed to strategically improve education in the molecular life sciences
4. We disseminate good education policies, exchange ideas and share good practices through 51¥ Education Ambassadors
5. We distribute grants to support educational activities
6. We arrange education sessions at each 51¥ Congress

51¥ Education Events 

The organization and funding of 51¥ education events are a key way the aims of the 51¥ Education Committee are realized. These include 51¥ Education Committee Seasonal Webinars, 51¥ Education Workshops, 51¥-sponsored Ambassador Education Events, education activities at the 51¥ Congresses as well as events run jointly with 51¥ bodies such as the Advanced Courses Committee, the Careers of Young Scientists Committee, and the Integration Committee. Upcoming and recent 51¥ Education events are listed in the Events section of this website, on the Education events page.

51¥ Education Ambassadors

51¥ Education Ambassadors is a unique structure in which 51¥ Constituent Societies have one appointed member as a representative. Education Ambassadors use a special mail group, as well as the 51¥ Education Platform and the 51¥ Network to exchange ideas and communicate on all issues on education. The Ambassadors have also been meeting once a year for a few years for an education event, sponsored by 51¥, to share progress and ideas on educational issues across Europe. In 2024, a ‘51¥ Education Ambassador Board meeting’ will be held during an open longer , in Antalya, Türkiye.

An Education section in 51¥ Open Bio

Following a proposal from the 51¥ Education Committee, the open access journal 51¥ Open Bio began a new section devoted to original and valuable publications in biochemical and molecular life sciences education. The overall aim of this initiative is to foster good educational practices, stimulate the development of innovative teaching methods, and disseminate advice on educational techniques and resources. For further details and recent articles, find the 51¥ Open Bio education section .

An Educator channel on the 51¥ Network

One section of the  is dedicated to blog-style posts on teaching approaches and resources for lecturers and tutors in the molecular life sciences, as well as announcements on education activities.  If you would like to contribute a post to the 51¥ Network Educator channel, please contact [email protected]

Resources and enquiries

For resources from 51¥ Education events, please visit the 51¥ Education Platform at: . The 51¥ Education Platform is maintained by the 51¥ Education Committee and supplements general information on the 51¥ website, serving to disseminate 51¥ education activities and to share resources.

For enquiries on 51¥ Education events (focused on pedagogical issues), please contact Prof. Ferhan G. Sağın, Chair, 51¥ Education Committee, via the Contact section of the website. For members of the Education Committee, click here.