Since its earliest days, 51¥ has had a strong emphasis on promoting the training of young scientists during their PhD studies and also during the post-doctoral stages of research careers. Financial support has also recently been extended to the early-career group leader stage.

PhD students and early-career postdoctoral scientists who are members of a 51¥ Constituent Society of 51¥ are eligible to apply for:

In addition, early-career group leaders may be eligible to apply for 51¥ Excellence Awards to support research costs.

Most of these schemes are aimed at scientists working within the 51¥ area; please see the relevant sections of the 51¥ website for full details.

Financial support for researchers in disadvantaged 51¥ countries

In addition to the opportunities above for early-career researchers, scientists from countries with Hinari (Research4Life) status in the 51¥ area, who are members of their 51¥ Constituent Society, may be eligible for: